Building Bridges in Place of Walls  

"Understanding the influence and impact of culture on behavior and communication is the ultimate means of empowerment in today´s interconnected world."

Berlintercultural specializes in helping businesses communicate globally and develop their own unique "cultural capital." With the spread of globalization, developing cultural competence has become one of the key competitive advantages for companies operating internationally. Developing "cultural capital" means utilizing your company's most valuable resource, your employees, to their fullest potential. It involves turning workplace diversity into an asset and improving knowledge of not just how to communicate across borders, but why different cultures value and perceive certain forms of communication differently.

Building bridges in place of walls includes resolving literal conflicts or barriers (language or otherwise) existing within your organization or with business partners. Often times, however, walls are invisible. Our goal is to prepare you to avoid these walls whenever possible and to replace them with bridges when they stand in the way of conducting business effectively.

Our services comprise the following three areas:

•  Intercultural communication management

•  Financial translation services

•  Business English

Let us assist your company in building bridges in place of walls.